Welcome to the 39th annual Fossil Campout!

This is one of the oldest motorcycle campouts in the West, so we must be doing something right.

It all starts with the volunteers. Without their help, we would be lost. This year is not different. If you plan on attending, sign up to help and be a part of the party.

Here’s are some of the great things about the Fossil Campout: a tattoo contest, bike games, bike show, poker run, mud wrestling, lots of musie and the ever fun ‘Hide the Salami.’ More information on bands and events are to come.
Friday Night Band: Pedal Down
Saturday night band: Maiden Northwest
Sunday band: Bad Motor Scooter 7.0 

It should be beautiful riding weather. So get together with your friends and plan your ride. You can’t beat a ride through an early summer green Eastern Oregon.

Download the Fossil Flyer